Camping safari may not be such a strange term, but those who have tried it testify to the quality of experience attained after the entire adventure, living alone comfort, the cool midnight fresh air, and soothing sound from the birds and insects at night as they communicate. It is the perfect way to discover what transpires in the wilderness in the dead of the night. Though you are out for honeymoon, family holiday, birding, primate safari, beach safari, or research, camping in Zanzibar islands is a perfect, rewarding and unforgettable experience one can ever have for a lifetime. Zanzibar; a remarkable destination in Tanzania is an archipelago; a group of small islands with Pemba and Unguju dominating, located south of the equator along the coast of Indian Ocean. It is famous for the beautiful white sand beaches, slave trade history, spice plantation and culture among others.

Zanzibar camping safari is a perfect way of saving money, and time management, while experiencing nature in its entirety, having fun and exploring one of the most fascinating destinations and beaches in the world. For both the starters and experienced campers, one or more nights in Zanzibar offers a different experience for everyone globally, even if using your campsite or those already existing on the island. It can be a private camping safari, group camping safari, luxury camping safari, family camping safari or even budget camping safari while engaging in a wide range of activities across the island. Personal camps are erected by individual campers in the different safe designated places. Occupants are required to be with their pieces of equipment such as a sleeping bags, tents for shelter, utensils to prepare food, and torches for light among others. Water for bathing, cooking, and fuel such as firewood for light is provided.