Lake Manyara National Park

What a beautiful place lake Manyara national park is! Tanzania is one of the countries in Africa that is well endowed with wildlife and beautiful scenery that can be spotted on your safari to Africa. This has made the country famous and also spearheaded or promoted tourism in this country. On top of that, the country is politically stable and peace was attained way back in 1961.

The country’s wildlife is in both private and government-protected areas and among others is Lake Manyara national park in Arusha Manyara region- Great Rift Valley. The name is originated from Lake Manyara that is located in the park and attracts a large number of wild animals to act as the source of freshwater.

This park covers an area of 470 square kilometres and this area is occupied by various animals, bird and plant species and these include flocks of thousands of flamingos that feed, Great White Pelican, Yellow-billed Stork, White-winged Tern among others, animals like zebras, giraffes, hippos, Thompson’s gazelles, elephants, buffalos and many others.

Our safaris to Manyara national park suite all categories of tourists and can be honeymoon safaris, group safaris, student safaris, among others. The only way to enjoy your safari is through inquiring from us and book in advance to make your safari more comfortable.

Attractions and activities in Lake Manyara national park

While at this park, you can do several activities and these include;

Bird watching; as you walk through the plains of the park, you will identify a number different bird species such as grey crowned crane, thousands of flamingos, pink lesser flamingos, yellow-billed stork among others. A bird watching experience in Lake Manyara national park is a great way to go.

The treetop walkway; the walkways is 370m canopy walk and allows you to have a thrilling sky-high adventure in the forest. The treetop walk starts at the basement/short boardwalk and then keeps rising to a high altitude which gives you beautiful scenery full of birds.

Game drives; enjoying a night and day game drives in this park to explore the nocturnal and other predators in this park an adventurous activity. Among other animals that can be spotted are the leopards, zebras, impalas, hippos, olive baboons, warthogs, giraffes and many others. The adventure seems to be as if you have entered a new world.

Canoeing; this is one of the national parks in Tanzania that you can enjoy a canoeing experience. This is done on Lake Manyara and it will allow you to get close intact with the aquatic birdlife such as the fish eagles, pink laser flamingos among others.

Visiting the Maasai people; enjoy a unique Maasai culture and taste their indigenous food, dance and dressing code. You will also explore the Maasai Bombas or homestays as you take a walk, encounter the elderly and enjoy their traditional tales.

Accommodation in Lake Manyara national park.

A safari to Lake Manyara national park is a memorable experience with an array of accommodation options. These are safari lodges, hotels, tented camps, camping sites and many more that are well furnished with good aerated rooms, having both hot and cold water, high level of security and the rooms have great views which will allow you to spot beautiful scenery or nature.

These accommodation options range from luxury, mid-range to budget and this will enable all kinds of travellers to fit as per their pockets. These facilities include Kiruruma Manyara lodge, Burundika Manyara lodge, twinge camp, Manyara wildlife safari camp among others.

Accessing Lake Manyara national park?

Lake Manyara national park can be accessed by both air and road. By road, it can be from Arusha approximately 2hours’ drive to the park entrance and the distance covered is 125 kilometres. Or you can also access the park by air and you can take a flight from Arusha or Kilimanjaro international airport to Lake Manyara which can take only 25 minutes.

When to do a safari to Lake Manyara National park?

Therefore, as you plan your holiday safari to Lake Manyara national park, all year round is good for a wildlife safari but consider the dry season which occurs in the months of June to October. But in the wet season, the park has beautiful views due to green vegetation and waterfalls spilling down the escarpment.

We tailor our safaris to this park so that they can fit in your schedule and budget and you can browse through our packages to book with us a safari to Lake Manyara national park in Tanzania.