Tanzania Safari Packing List

A Safari to Tanzania is a lifetime experience, very exciting, and adventurous, as visitors get the opportunity of making their dream come true by visiting some of the unspoiled wilderness in the world, and spot some of the natural wonders in the world such as; the Mountain Kilimanjaro; the world’s tallest stand-alone mountain, Ngorongoro crater; the world’s largest caldera, Zanzibar island; some of the best beaches in the world, Serengeti national park; a host the annual wildebeest migration and spend nights in some of the world’s most luxurious and fascinating accommodation facilities  while experiencing hospitality in the world.

Tanzania is the largest country in East Africa bordered by Comoros Island to the east, Uganda to the north-west, Malawi to the south, Zambia to the southeast, Kenya to the northeast, and Burundi, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo to the west.

Honeymoon safaris, wildlife safaris, Hot air balloon safaris, birding safaris, beach safaris, family safaris, research, primate safaris, Hiking safaris, and city tours among others are among the many rewarding holidays one can have in Tanzania all year round; as a group, private traveler, budget traveler or luxurious traveler for as many days as possible.

The step to the silent world decorated with beautiful sceneries, undulating hills, fresh breeze, and lion roar may come at a price but leaves with unfading memories. Tanzania boasts of biodiversity, the highest concentration of ungulates notably the wildebeest, zebras and gazelles among others in the world, Africa’s big5 (lions, elephants, buffaloes, rhinoceros, and leopards), the Maasai people; one of the oldest authentic cultures in the world, and very friendly people.

Weather in Tanzania is one of the best worldwide for safaris and relaxation. They are two seasons; the wet season (March to May, November to December) and Dry season (June to October and January to February), and knowing this season guides you on what to and what not to pack. The temperatures range between 70-75F, with nights and morning hours getting cold.

The Tanzania concept is now clear, and you have perfectly negotiated with your tour operator on the dates of travel, the price, itinerary, and any other issue; but Boom, what else is more tricky the choosing what to carry and not to carry.

For a safari, it is what you need that has to be part of your packing and a want is left behind. The packing list is determined depending on the number of days the trip lasts, the activities, destinations to be visited in Tanzania, the size of the group, and the type of transportation.

Flying to Tanzania

Be it that you are traveling from your place of origin to Tanzania, or from one national park to another, the flight is always strict on the weight and size of the luggage. In most of the charter flights, the baggage weight has to be around 33Ibs or 15kgs, counting the handbag also.

So with our experience, we recommend our clients to carry wheeled bags with one soft side with which is a little squeezable. You can check out for the Eagle Creek EC Lync system 22 bags. However, your tour operator will guide you on the real type you need to have.

Documents and Money

Of course, this is so obvious that no one forgets. However, haven’t you ever seen people bounced at the airport or wherever they are because of missing documents of inadequate money? It is important that as you plan for a safari to Tanzania, make it a point that all documents are in place and updated. When it comes to money, feel free to Use either US dollars or Tanzanian currency right from the airports to the accommodation facilities or markets. Make sure money is not kept in one place.

Relevant documents include trip itinerary, personal medication, medical insurance documents, national Identity cards for East African citizens, Visa, return trip tickets, passport, MasterCard, and next to kin details among others. Make it a point to have both hard copies and soft ones in case one is misplaced.


No matter how long you will spend, and how lonely you desire to be, gadgets are part of human life and one must possess it to take back memories home, as well as keep in connection with other family members.

Some of the gadgets needed for your trip include among others; Converter plug for your phone, large capacity memory cards and flash disks to store photos, Power bank, professional cameras for classic photos, torches for night movements in case you are in a national park, a zoom lens, extra batteries to avoid disappointments while taking photos or videos during a rare hunt, Smartphone or tablet to keep in touch with the family members and friends, Binoculars to spot distant creatures, and sunglasses among others.

Garments, personal effects and medical insurance

As you buy, is park your garments, put in mind the number of days you are to spend on the trip, and the nature of the activity you are to engage in?  Bring long T-shirts, long trousers, a hat, khaki trousers, outdoor pants, long stockings, pain killer such as panadol, mosquito repellents, comfortable hiking boots, cotton Underwear’s for ladies and men, raincoat, lotion, antacid tablets, weatherproof, sunglasses, umbrella, spots bras, pant liners, tooth brash, sanitary towels for ladies, soft tissue, swimsuit, warm flannel pajamas, and a neck nest among others.

Both male and female tourists should get this clear. Tanzania just like any other country offers freedom of expression and movements to each and everyone, no matter the color, age, or height. Most of the citizens are religious and mind their dress cord and decency.

So, as much as we recommend you to get garments, make it a point that they are descent and long enough, at least below your knees, and covering the upper body for ladies. Men should also cover their ankles and chests unless you are on a beach or your room.  Your company guide will let you know of any other essential garment we have left out.

Beach Wear

Tanzania has several beautiful beaches where honeymooners, beach lovers, and tourists from all over the world go to unwind, relax, and have fun. They are situated in Pemba, mafia, and Zanzibar, all located in the Indian Ocean. No one is allowed to dive into the water or engage in any activity on the beach naked, but rather with swimming gears, polo shirts, swimwear, and informal attire for romantic evenings and dinner.

The packing list is as important as the real safari, and determines how comfortable you will be and how much you will spend. Ignore what is not important such as jewelry, makeup, bright clothes, or very decent attire.