6 Days Kilimanjaro Hiking (Lemosho Route)

If you have never hiked, or been using any other route to reach the summit of the tallest mountain in the continent of Africa, and the tallest stand-alone mountain in the world; the snow-capped mountain Rwenzori, you are missing a lot of fun, adventure, photographic opportunities and stunning scenery.

The Lemosho route is the real deal in Mountain Rwenzori, located at the far-flung, with striking sceneries, undulating hills, birds and primates among others. You will traverse a forest, moorland area, Shira plateau; a world heritage site, and Kibo peaks. The hike is a test for teamwork, courage, fitness, and determination, but also characterized by drama, discovery, fun, safety, and comfort at the different campsites.

Tour details.

Day one: Registration and Hike to 2650m above sea level – Mti Mkubwa camp

On this first day, our driver-guide will pick you up after breakfast and drive to Londorossi gate; a 3-4 hours’ drive, for document verification and picking the entrance permit. Thereafter, you will proceed to Lemosho trailhead, but with an enroute stopover for lunch.

At the Lemosho, you will join fellow hikers, porters, and guides for briefing and the actual hike that will cover 2650m to Mti Mkubwa camp traversing the rain forest which will offer you the opportunity of spotting some birds, unique primates such as the black Colobus, and flowers among others. You will spend the night at Mti Mkubwa camp.

Day 2: 4200m hike (Mti Mkubwa to Moir Hut)

Welcome this day with a heavy breakfast, before setting off for another 7-8 hours’ hike, which will see you reach the Moir hut at 4200m. For the first three to four hours, you will arrive at the Shira 1 camp; a world heritage site for lunch, before traversing the Shira plateau decorated with more land to Moir Hut for dinner and overnight beneath the lave flow. The hike is by itself so exciting and calm, with lots of fascinating sceneries to lookout for.

Day 3: From Moir Hut to Barranco Camp – 3940m

On this day, the journey continues after energy giving breakfast, though a bit of tiredness and headache is experienced because of a change of attitude. You will cross some stunning rocks, and Albertine desert, while enjoying the views of the landscape, and nearby hills.

The entire journey may last for 7-8 hours with lunch en-route and covering approximately 10km to Barranco camp, placed 3940m.

Day 4: Barranco camp to Barafu camp – 4673m

From this point, momentum starts building as the eyes, and all your senses are aligned to the new environment; there is no retreat or surrender. You will proceed with the journey, traversing the steep ridge through Barranco wall to Barafu camp; 4673, but with lunch at Karanga valley.

There will be a brief rest here, before leaving the southern circuit. The sight of the Uhuru summit, Mawenzi and Kibo peaks will be close to your sight like never before, just like the alpine desert zone will be.  Journey time will be 9-10 hours

Day 5: Arrival at Uhuru Peak – 5895m and Mweka hut – 3100m

On this day, you will witness light at the end of the tunnel, dream come true as you join the few hikers who have made it to the Uhuru summit, the roof of Africa, 5895m above sea level. You will start the final journey after a relaxed breakfast, through the meandering steep rocks, crater rim to the stellar point, where you will join other people who used other routes to Uhuru peak.

Together with other members, you will hike for one hour to Uhuru peak for photography, sightseeing, and other activitivities, before heading to Mweka hut for dinner and overnight. You will spend 7-8 hours to the summit and 4-5 hours to Mweka camp.

Day 6: Certificate rewarding and departure

At dawn, you will have a delicious breakfast before descending the Mountain to the Mweka gate for certificate rewarding. You will use supporting walking sticks to help you handle the mud and slippery grounds, before joining your driver-guide for lunch and final drive to the airport.

End of the safari