10 Days Honeymoon Special

As the strongest pronunciation during your matrimony states; “I DO”, here is the most unforgettable way of activating, and making your romantic relationship start in a blossoming and exciting way. 10 days Tanzania and Zanzibar honeymoon safari is a big deal as it exposes you to a variety of botany, mammals, birds, primates, the beautiful white sand beaches and stunning landscape.

The package involves visiting Tarangire national park, hub to the second-largest concentration of elephants in Tanzania; Serengeti national park, host to the annual wildebeest migration; Ngorongoro crater; the world’s largest caldera and Zanzibar island with very fascinating landscape.

You will spend your days relaxing at the beautiful white sand beaches, game viewing, cultural experience, photography, and hiking among others. The trip starts and ends in Tanzania.

Detailed safari

Day 1: Arusha city tour

Upon arriving at Arusha, you will be met by our very loving and experienced tour guide who will be with you for all the ten days, seeing to it that you are happy, and activities are done and destinations visited as per plans.

He will brief you about the entire trip, before setting off to your hotel at Arusha city for lunch before having a rewarding city tour where you will visit the museum, local markets and any other interesting place, after which you will return to the lodge for a yummy dinner and a nap 

Day 2: Transfer to Tarangire national park

Start your day with an energy-giving cup of coffee, perfectly prepared by an expert chef. You will then check out of the lodge afterwards for a drive to Tarangire national park; one of the finest tourist destinations in Tanzania, on a drive that can last for 4-5 hours with an enroute stopover in any exciting place.

Arrival at the park will be in the afternoon for lunch, followed by a happy 3-4 hours’ game drive, in a quest for the different mammals returning for a nap or resting, plants, landscape, and rare bird species; Tarangire national park is famous for hosting large herds of elephants, but also lions, leopards, giraffes, black Rhinos and several antelope species among others. Thereafter, you will return to the lodge for a romantic dinner and nap.

Day 3: Morning game-drive and depart Tarangire for Serengeti national park

at sunrise, you will have a morning game drive to sport some of the mammals you might have missed out the previous day, both prey and predators, big and small such as the elephants, buffaloes, cheetah, lions, leopards, warthogs, elands, Jackson hartebeest and rhinos, zebras among others, plus over 500unique bird species such as the lover bird, egrets, and flamingoes among others.

Thereafter, you will return to the lodge for breakfast, refreshment and lunch, before driving off to Serengeti national park; Tanzania’s top travel destination, while traversing flourishing plantations, rolling hills, and several eye-catching sceneries.

You will have an optional stopover at the famous Olduvai Gorge, where the bones of the person believed to the oldest man on earth were discovered. Thereafter, you will enter the park with an amazing game viewing opportunity with rare encounters of mammals, birds, and primates as you arrive at your lodge for refreshment, dinner, and overnight

Day 4: Morning game drive and Maasai culture Visit

On this day, breakfast comes first before heading to the Serengeti plains for a remarkable 3-4 hours’ game drive with hopes of ticking off several mammals, primates and unique bird species such as the famous wildebeest, lions, leopards, black rhinos, elephants, buffalos, zebras, cheetah, giraffes, and warthogs among others, not forgetting the rare bird species such as the flamingoes, egrets, kingfisher, vultures, eagles, the lover bird, and the tori bustard among others.

Thereafter, you will return to the lodge for lunch, followed by an exciting visit to the Maasai people; one of the oldest cultures on earth, for cultural dances, stories, songs, and many more activities, before retiring to bed after dinner at night.

Day 5: Morning Game drive and drive to Ngorongoro crater- free evening

today, you will have an early morning 3-4 hours’ game drive through the Seronera region in search of the early risers and night hunters return to their hideouts, such as the lion, leopards, cheetahs, hippos and many more.

After, you will have an amazing bush breakfast, before returning to the lodge for early lunch and a drive to Ngorongoro crater; one of the famous destinations in Africa; harboring the largest caldera in the world. On arrival late in the evening, you will spend your day relaxing; take photos, and any other things while waiting for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 6: Crater summit hike and game drive

You will brighten your day with breakfast followed by a 3-4 hours’ hike to the summit of the world’s largest a caldera and one of the natural wonders in Africa; Ngorongoro crater. While here, you will enjoy the clear view of the stunning landscape, watch the different mammals, birds in their hideouts, and take as many photos as you can.

Thereafter, you will have a picnic lunch, followed by remarkable game drive, with the aim of spotting if not all then most of Africa’s big five, namely; lions, leopard, buffalos, elephants, and Rhinoceros, but not ignoring the wildebeest, zebras, giraffes, gazelles, and impalas among others. 

You will call off the day with Dinner and overnight at the lodge.

Day 7: Guided nature walk and transfer to Zanzibar

Early in the morning, you will have a two hour guided romantic nature walk, as you stretch your legs, take photos and admire the botany, and glance at the sunrise. After, you will return to the lodge for breakfast, before checking out of the lodge to the airport to find a flight to Zanzibar.

Upon reaching Zanzibar, you will meet our company representative who will brief you on the different aspects of the trip, before driving you to the lodge for a relaxed evening, as dinner and a nap come later.

Day 8: Stone town and spice plantation tour

After breakfast, you will have a guided city tour around the stone tour; a UNESCO world heritage site, famous for the slave trade, spice plantation, and the beautiful beaches spread alongside the Indian ocean shoreline.

You will spend the first four hours of the day admiring the beautiful ancient art of the Arab architectures spread across the street of the stone town, as you visit some of the attractions around town such as Zanzibar museum, the house of wonders, the cathedrals formerly used as slave trade markets among others.

Thereafter, you will have lunch, before proceeding to the spice plantations to see and taste the spices in their plantations such as the cinnamon, vanilla, ginger, and several fruits, before returning for dinner and a nap at the lodge. Though it is a honeymoon experience, be descent while having a stone tour because most of the natives here are Muslims who demand long clothes.

Day 9: Relaxing at the beach

You will have a lazy morning today, while enjoying a very tasty breakfast, after which you will go and enjoy your romantic life at the beach, reflecting on the promises, enjoying the fresh breath from the sea, engaging in several activities such as diving, boat ride, swimming and feasting on the different kinds of seafood for lunch.

Zanzibar white sand beaches are one of the very few beaches on earth with very calm, serene and offering amazing ambience for honeymooners from all over the world.

Day 10: Departure

At day break, you will greet your intestines with a delicious cup of coffee, followed by a drive to the airport for your flight to the next destination

End of safari