Did you know that carrying on a family safari to Zanzibar is a rewarding adventure? Zanzibar is one of the islands located in the Indian Ocean and is part of Tanzania with various island such as Pemba, Mafia among others. Its name became famous in times of the Arabs when they were carrying out slave trade and that is to say it was a slave market. The island is occupied mostly by Arabs and the main language spoken is Swahili but others are Arabic and French. This island harbours beautiful beaches that attracts a number of tourists both foreign and locals and also has only one forest called Jozani forest which attracted the establishment of Jozani chwa bay national park. This forest harbours rare primates that can be spotted in this forest and among others include red colobus monkeys, and it has other attractions like the reptiles, birds among others that gives a great eye sights.

This will make a family safari to this country a real one and enjoyable. The resorts are excellent and good for family safari and they provide large comfortable rooms with cold and hot waters, flash toilets, having enough playing grounds for children with swimming pools. A family safari to Zanzibar rewards you and your loved ones memories. This can be nuclear family or extended or even couples but the attractions visited remain the same. While on a family safari to Zanzibar, you can participate in various activities such as the swimming, dolphin experience, visit the stone town; carry on the spice tour where you will be able to see various spices like chilli, cinnamon, cloves, and ginger among others. Also, you can do other water activities like snorkelling, diving, fishing, sunset cruise, and sun bathing among others.