Situated within Africa’s great lakes region; Tanzania is one of the most rewarding destinations for Luxury safaris in Africa. It is the largest country in East Africa, surrounded by Kenya to the northeast, Malawi, to the south, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Burundi to the west, the Zanzibar island and the Indian Ocean to the east, Zambia to the southwest, Mount Kilimanjaro to the northeast and Uganda to the north. You learn, relax, and enjoy every bit of the trip right from the accommodation, cuisine, transportation, recreational activities, hospitality, and spectacular sceneries spread across the country all year round. The recent reviews on trip advisor,, and other platforms rank Tanzania as a top luxury travel destination in East Africa and one of the best in the world because of a wide range of biodiversity, great lakes, rivers, mountains and historical destinations such as the Zanzibar Islands. Millions of visitors around the globe travel to relax by the beautiful Zanzibar Beaches, which is decorated with Europe, Arab and African art, classic accommodation facilities and thriving spice plantations thus the opportunity of tasting vanilla and several other fruits in and out of the farm. Zanzibar is an archipelago, famous for her slave trade history in the 19th century, botany and the white sand beaches spread by the shores of Indian Ocean.

Tanzania luxury safaris include; Honeymoon safaris, family holiday, luxury glamping especially during the annual wildebeest migration, research, hiking safaris, wildlife safaris, birding escapade, Beach tour, cultural encounter, and student safaris among others, for as many days as possible, but while enjoying every moment of the trip, making discoveries and having unlimited fun.  The treatment and services for someone on a luxury safari are well deserving and very classic since no stone is left unturned, and the client dictates his or her own terms and conditions. some of the services include fly-in-safaris, hot air ballooning, private butlers and valets, free laundry, spa treatment, golf course, internet services and so much more. Luxury safaris are so flexible, comfortable, and fun. Only a few people of similar interests are involved, what you need is what you get. You are free to change the itinerary in a way you need, add an additional activity or rest. Time management is paramount, standard cuisine and nights spent in accommodations with all the services you need. The choice of flying from one travel destination to another as you enjoy aerial views of the fascinating landscape and also avoid the dusty / muddy roads, or drive on a very comfortable safari vehicle and enjoy watching the natives carry on with their daily chores possible.