7 Days Kilimanjaro Hiking (Machame Route)

For the pure aspiration we have for all hikers; both first-timers and experienced ones, we present to you the finest opportunity of reaching the peak of the snow-capped Mountain Kilimanjaro; the tallest mountain in Africa, through the most scenic route, used and loved by many; Machame route. No skill or experience is needed to reach Uhuru peak, besides courage, love for hiking, and commitment.

These unforgettable 7 days will be enough for you to write history as one of those who successfully reached the peak of the tallest mountain in Africa, and the tallest stand alone in the world, giving you a chance of taking great photos of the snow and glancing at the fascinating landscape of two countries; Kenya and Tanzania with a single glimpse.

Safari in details.

Day one: Depart Machame gate to Machame camp (1210m / 5-6 hr hike)

On this day of the hike, our driver-guide will pick you up from Moshi and drive to the park’s headquarters for Briefing and registration, followed by a transfer to the trailhead for the actual hike.

You will meet the crew, comprised of other hikers, porters and park rangers for the hike that will last for 5-6 hours, covering approximately 12km through a montane forest with birds, reptiles, and rare primate species. Lunch will be en-route, whereas dinner and overnight at Machame camp, a position at 1210m above sea level. 

Day two: Proceed from Machame camp to Shira camp (3021m / 4-5hrs)

You will start the day with heavy breakfast, before proceeding to the next level; Shira camp, a moorland zone. You will cross rocks, and move through steep valleys, away towards the western direction living river gorge behind.

You will start experiencing a change of temperature as you approach Shira camp for dinner and overnight. The night will be very peaceful night and sunset viewing early in the morning. 

Day Three: Head to Barranco camp from Shira Camp via Lava Tower (4600m)

At this level, you will need to adjust to the new conditions. Breakfast comes first, before proceeding with a 5-7hour hike, through the Shira plateau, and Kibo peak. At the Lava tower (sharks tooth), you will enjoy a delicious lunch meal, before proceeding to Barranco camp; a very fascinating camp with photographic spots for dinner and overnight.

Day four: Depart Barranco camp for Karanga camp (3-4 hours)

After watching the fascinating sunrise and enjoying a heavy breakfast, you start the Journey to Karanga camp, crossing the Barranco wall to the Mweka trail. It is a test for stability, teamwork, and liveliness.

There is a lot of fun, and jokes made through this brief Journey that lasts for only 3-4 hours, with lunch enroute. Karange valley is with an alpine desert and lies beneath the Decken glaciers and Kersten ice falls. Your dinner and overnight will be a splendor

Day five: Barafu camp from Karanga camp (4662m / 3-4 hours)

On this day, you will complete the southern circuit after breakfast, and get closer to the summit. There are lots of stunning sceneries of the peak from different sides, right at the camp, Kibo and Mawenzi summit.

The hike is a brief one but offering plenty of adventure and attractive features and alpine desert.

Day six: Uhuru peak and Mweka camp (5895m / 5-6 hours)

After a long rest, you will rise very early, about 2:00 am for a hike to the summit that will last for 5-6 hours. Every step counts, after a long journey, the life time opportunity of writing history is just at the sight.

There is a bit of physical and psychological challenge in a section of the hike but can’t stop you from releasing the long-awaited dream. You will have a rest at the Stella point where you will witness the magnificent sunrise, before proceeding with a one-hour hike to Uhuru peak; the highest point of Mountain Kilimanjaro.

You will celebrate the success with photos, watching the snow and the stunning landscape before heading to Barafu camp for lunch, and then descending the Mweka camp for dinner and overnight.

Day seven: Descend to Mweka Gate from Mweka camp and Departure (4-5hours)

Early in the morning, you will bid farewell to your colleagues during the breakfast time, before descending to Mweka Park Gate to receive your summit certificate. You should use poles and Gaiters for support because the terrain is slippery.

After receiving your certificate, meet the driver guide for a drive to the airport or the hotel.

End of 7 days Mount Kilimanjaro hiking safari