Want to Understand what wildebeest migration is? Wildebeest migration patterns, why to go and witness the migration and the participants in the annual wildebeest migration? What to carry while preparing for a wildebeest safari? Read through this piece, discover some wildlife spectacles, and book a wildebeest migration safari to Tanzania. The Wildebeest migration is the exodus of a huge population of wildebeests, accompanied by thousands of zebras, impalas, Grant’s gazelles, elands and Thomson Gazelles, across the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem in Tanzania and Kenya respectively; In a search for freshwater and palatable pasture. It is an event that happens all year round, following the rain patterns and facing. tougher obstacles that make watching them dramatic during specific months of the year that are always highlighted in the different itineraries.

Wildebeests are part of the Bovidae family, together with goats, sheep, cattle, antelopes and toad horned ungulates and are believed to be in two separate species; the southern and northern species, identifiable through their black and blue colors respectively. Their movement is believed to be attributed to rain and lightning which determine the direction of the migration. Interestingly, just watching the appearance of wildebeests is amazing and puts millions of images into your minds. Serengeti national park in Tanzania is their home, though it will not be a surprise if you find some in Ngorongoro crater or Masai Mara national park among other conservation areas nearby. The wild has a boundary, so the rule of free entrance and exit truly applies, though not into the herds that the mammals have created amongst themselves.