Olduvai Gorge Tanzania

What an interesting site Olduvai gorge is! Tanzania is blessed with several attractions ranging from wildlife to cultural sites and this has attracted several tourists both foreign and nationals. The country has the highest area coverage in east Africa and has one of the Seven Wonders of the World (the great migration of wildebeests) but also the cultural sites that are worth to visit while on your safari.

The place is pale anthropological site that is of high value and importance in the world and you can find it in the Great Rift Valley between Ngorongoro craters and Serengeti plains in the Arusha region. This place is famous for its spectacular scenery and the oldest evidence of human evolution due to hundreds of fossilized bones and stone tools that date back to millions of years.

Olduvai gorge is within Ngorongoro conservancy which is the world heritage site. The archaeologists started excavating many years ago to find these bones and even now they still do hoping to get more remains. This shows you that excavation still exists and the area is large with over 30miles long.

While visiting this gorge, the local guides will elaborate more about the history and importance of Olduvai Gorge and also take a visit to a small museum that will prove the explanations of the guides and what you will have spotted.

Several other activities apart from touring the site that you can do while in this region and these are active and outdoor classes, art and culture classes, craft classes, cooking classes, yoga classes among others. All these are a great way to go while on your safari to Tanzania.

The best option is to join the safari to one or both destinations of Ngorongoro crater or Serengeti national park, because Olduvai gorge is situated halfway between these historical sites.

Touring Olduvai Gorge is safe you only need to carry your camera, light clothing, a hut and maybe some pocket money to tip the local guides. We advise you to follow the guidelines that will be offered at the entrance point to make safari comfortable and fun.

A safari to Olduvai Gorge is suitable for anyone carrying out a tour holiday in Tanzania or Africa, either honeymooner, students, researchers, among others because it’s not only a fun point but also a learning centre as you discover the human skulls.

The site can be visited all year round depending on your time frame but the most suitable is between June to October when the skies are blue with no rains. You won’t be interrupted by rain and all the activities are done smoothly.

Also, you can access the site by road from Arusha as you cover a distance of 213.6 kilometres which is a 3 to 4 hours’ drive on a good tarmac road.

Visiting Olduvai Gorge while of your safari to Tanzania is the only best choice you can make as you tour the historical site as you learn about your origin. Book with us a safari and enjoy the best experience.