Arusha National Park

Did you know that a holiday safari to this park is worth an experience on your safari to Africa? Tanzania is one of the beautiful tourism destinations in the African countries found in the Eastern part of the African continent.  Tanzania is the largest country in the East African community and its enriched with a variety of beautiful attractions which include flora and fauna with different beautiful vegetation that favor wildlife to take shelter, the country has the tallest mountain known has Kilimanjaro and boarded by a beautiful coast in the eastern part of the country.

Arusha National Park is located in northern part of Tanzania north east of Arusha town thus it is one of the favorable northern safari destinations in Tanzania. The park was established in 1960, occupies area of and Arusha National park derived its name from the local people known as the Warusha people who traditionally lived in this area. It offers a spectacular view of Mount Meru and also harbors variety of wild gem.

It is a home of various animal species and among others includes giraffes, zebras, antelopes, colobus monkeys, olive baboons and warthogs and also over 400 bird species like falcons, eagles and derailments cuckoo among others. It has also other three distinct places such as the shallow alkaline Momella lakes which are famous for their wading birds, Ngurdoto crater and the Jekukuma River.

The viewpoints in the park include the peak of mountain Meru were you get to see the magnificent mountain Kilimanjaro in the clouds. Mount Meru is one of the top attractions visited in Arusha National park and other attractions include Napuru waterfalls, wildlife and many more. This mountain comes next after Mount Kilimanjaro.

The distance from Arusha to this park is 60km from Kilimanjaro international airport and this can take about 45minuts drive or alternatively a tourist can decide to use Julius Nyerere international airport near Dar es Salaam and get a connecting domestic flight to Kilimanjaro international airport.

You can visit the interesting points in this park such as the forests, lakes and Ngurdoto crater within half a day through a game drive and as well get an experience with Arusha national park is rich variety of wild life despite its small size these include giraffe, elephant, bushbuck, cape buffalos, zebra warthog different primates like the blue monkeys, olive baboons among others, birdlife like flamingo, cuckoos and more

Other predators are present but hard to see and these include; Leopards, these are present but few in number thus making them rare. In this Park, tourist that are to engage in Mountain climbing need to poses Mountain climbing permits with at least a duration of twelve hours(12hrs)

Activities in Arusha National Park include game drives, forest walks were one gets to experience birdlife, photography, picnic sites and these normally happen during the three-four days, hike mountain Meru, cultural village visits among others.

Photography places are one of the most memorable places in Arusha National park where one gets to take photos that remind them of the wonderful experience in Arusha National Park and these include; the shores of Momela lakes, slopes of Mountain Meru during hiking, in the forest during the forest walks.

Accommodation facilities can easily be accessed through the different lodges in and around Arusha national park for example at Mount Meru hotel, Ngurdoto Mountain Lodge, Hatari lodge and many more. These provide tight security with armed watchmen, well-spaced bar and restaurants, cold and hot waters in the showers, beautiful gardens and viewpoints among others. Others are located in the park while others outside the park in the by communities.

This park can be visited throughout the year though the best time of visiting the park is from June to October when the park is experiencing a dry season thus the tourist gets to view different animals that have concentrated near the fresh waters.

While planning to visit Arusha National park, put in consideration to carry along all the necessary documentation, medication and the relevant attire that are suitable for wildlife as well as emergency money that will be of help to purchase some souvenirs and tips. Check out packages and book with us for memories in Africa.