Thinking of how and where to kick-start your romantic life? Zanzibar is the ideal answer for you. It is located in a quiet region of East Africa; besides the calm shores of the Indian Ocean, decorated with the historical architecture of African, Europe and Arab art. In the 19th century; Zanzibar, also known as “Unguja” was a hub for slave trade, and spice growing; these activities made it so popular and attracted traders from the entire world, some settling in the island and others returning after their mission. The place has a mixture of several Arabian, European and African art, with evidence such as the house of wonders present to date. After the stress of wedding preparations and events; one is out to relax and enjoy, but how do you start this, if not by engaging in romantic activities as well as having relaxing moments by the calm beaches of Zanzibar.

Some of the activities you have not to miss include; spice plantation tour, snorkeling, sedate sunset dhow cruise, kite surfing, and Zanzibar primate trekking among others. Honeymoon is time to detach from anyone else, phones, newspapers, internet, games, or even friends, and spend time with your beloved ones. Appreciating the success of the long- awaited event and laying plans for the ever will be marriage. The honeymoon can last for one night to any many days as possible depending on your choice. Traveler’s budget and preference dictate the nature of accommodation to spend nights in and the number of activities to engage in. However, accommodations present range from budget to luxury though most of them are luxury, with a variety of services and cool ambiance. The Zanzibar white sand beaches are by all means one of the best in the world, worth your time and relaxation.