Are you planning for a honeymoon safari to Africa? Consider to choose Tanzania. Tanzania is enriched with different beautiful and attractive features that are in position to hold a romantic honeymoon in which some were designed by nature and others are designed by man so that as a couple steps on the land where these features are, it’s only love that fills their surrounding and thus eternal love. In which moments shared in such places can never be forgotten by the couple in which they tend to take memorable pictures, do activities that they will live to remember and some even go back and spread out the joy which they shared to others that have never been to such places.

Some of these wonderful lovable places to have honey moons include the following; splendid landscapes of Tanzania that are enriched with ever green vegetation that shelter small beautiful creatures known as butterflies that as the couple steps in, they form a beauty with the colors on their wings as they go up into the air, the snow peaked mountains that bring the couple together as snow falls and melts within their hands. Not to forget the musical sound from the forest made by the birds as a couple takes a forest walk in any of the parks that has a birding experience in which this natural music from the birds brings romance up in the air as the birds chase after each other these couples hope for eternal love just like the way it is seen with the birds for example the lover bird in Tarangire National park. The beautiful picture of herds of elephants moving from one place to another as a family brings the honeymooners close since they have started a family of their own.